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Does Trump mean anything he says?

Just a quick thought after hearing Donald Trump threaten lawsuits against Ted Cruz, which we know he doesn’t actually intend to file. How much else of what he is saying doesn’t he actually intend to do? Will he really build … Continue reading

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Snowden a Patriot?

I just saw, on the Fox News Radio website, the results of a poll taken by Reuters that shows that more Americans see the security leaker Edward Snowden as a patriot than a traitor. And I must say that, while … Continue reading

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Tolerance for Obama’s brazen lying

When Candy Crowley lied herself to defend Obama’s lie (see my earlier post on the Candy Crowley scandal), it was answering a question about Libya from undecided voter Kerry Ladka. A part of the story that hasn’t gotten much attention … Continue reading

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This debate goes to Michele Bachmann

The clear victor in tonight’s Republican debate, in my mind, was Michele Bachmann. Besides watching the debate, I watched some post-debate interviews on Fox, and the one that was fascinating was Greta Van Susteren interviewing Sarah Palin. Governor Palin helped … Continue reading

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