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The IRS and the developing police state

It’s frustrating for those of us who can see the unfolding of a police state here in America because so few other people see it. Now yesterday we had these new rules being announced by the IRS to help squelch … Continue reading

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Obama’s Freudian slip on the IRS scandal

President Obama’s answer when asked about the IRS scandal is most interesting. Fox News reported that he said: “If, in fact, IRS personnel engaged in the kind of practices that had been reported on and were intentionally targeting conservative groups, … Continue reading

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Kirk Adams doesn’t fool the local Tea Parties

I got a robocall today from Pat Boone asking me to vote for Kirk Adams. Sorry, Pat – I respect you, but you don’t know our candidates personally, and you missed this one. I know how these national endorsements work. … Continue reading

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Mixed reviews of Wil Cardon at Mountain View Tea Party

US Senate candidate Wil Cardon spoke Thursday night at the Mountain View Tea Party in Mesa. The appearance was a mixed bag. Attendance was low. When Jeff Flake appeared at the same venue two years ago, he packed the room … Continue reading

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Senator Russell Pearce defends his record, confronts his opponents.

Two days ago, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the recall election for Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce can proceed. So there was a lot of interest as Senator Pearce¬†spoke tonight at the Mountain View Tea Party in Mesa, which … Continue reading

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A surprising showing by Michele Bachmann in our Tea Party straw poll

I left watching the Republican debate on Fox to be able to catch part of our Mountain View Tea Party meeting and its¬†straw poll. I was a little surprised at the results of the poll. Mitt Romney drew 41% of … Continue reading

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The Anti-TSA Groping Wave Is Coming. Better Watch Out!

It surprised me when the entire panel of Fox News Sunday on Sunday, November 21, came to a consensus that the hubbub over the TSA ogling and groping was no big deal. The conservatives on the panel were Bill Kristol, … Continue reading

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Mountain View Tea Party and Jeff Flake

The Mountain View Tea Party meeting tonight discussed the upcoming elections, ballot measures, and how to vote in the upcoming AZ district 5 congressional race. One person there said he wanted to write in Jeff Smith. The consensus, though, was … Continue reading

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