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Understanding Obama’s Libya policy – only one thing you need to know

I hear all these commentators trying to figure out Obama’s bombing of Libya. They’re scratching their heads trying to reconcile it with his campaign position on Iraq, trying to figure out why the objective is just to protect civilians but not … Continue reading

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The Left trying to respond to James O’Keefe – so fun to watch!

I was reading from their article about NPR chief Vivian Schiller getting canned. The story warms my heart, because the Left survives so much on pretense, and I love it when pretenders get exposed for what they really are. … Continue reading

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More funny numbers in February jobs report

I just don’t believe what’s coming out of the Obama administration any more. We need third-party corroboration on everything. This past week the administration released its February jobs report. At least the New York Times admitted that the February jobs … Continue reading

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Comment on 6th graders expelled for a fight club

This past week there was a link on Drudge to a story about sixth-graders at a Tacoma middle school who were expelled for setting up a fight club. I was not surprised at what in my opinion was the over-the-top … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court didn’t answer the key question about funeral protests

Wednesday, the Supreme Court announced its 8-1 decision upholding the rights of the Westboro Baptist Church to stage protests at military funerals. I have heard lots of commentary on this decision, but people are glossing over what we learned last … Continue reading

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