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Intolerance in modern-day liberalism – this is what the same sex marriage issue is about

There is a scary part of this debate over same-sex marriage that few people are talking about, and it was illustrated on last night’s panel discussion on Fox News Special Report. I respect Kirsten Powers as an honest, blue-blooded Liberal, … Continue reading

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Standing up to Obama really works

It was a good week for conservatives. After holding firm on the sequester, we had Rand Paul’s gutsy filibuster defending the bill of rights. We conservatives have been looking for something to cheer for a long time. By blocking any … Continue reading

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Obama’s suit against Standard & Poors is an assault on the first amendment

The connection just occurred to me as we are discussing whether or not the Obama administration is practicing press intimidation. It was the headline story on the front page of the February 5, 2013 Wall Street Journal: “U.S. to Sue … Continue reading

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Obama’s campaign against the First Amendment

As I assess this dust-up about Bob Woodward being “threatened” by the White House, part of me wants to break out laughing and part of me wants to dress in black to commemorate the sorry state of the American news … Continue reading

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