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Life will go on, even if the government shuts down

The budget battle in Congress is heading for a very possible government shutdown. I think conservatives have a key advantage in this showdown, and that is that we would generally like less government, not more. A key vulnerability of the … Continue reading

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Make my day – shut down the government!

It appears that Obama and the Democrats are setting the stage for another government shutdown as part of a budget battle. This can be a solid victory for Republicans, if they play their cards right. Gov. Chris Christie of New … Continue reading

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Global warming – we’re being ruled by people with their heads in la-la-land

The scene was a hearing at the US Senate Subcommittee on Energy and Power. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson was the witness. They were talking about global warming. Sen. Inhofe was asking the questions. Sen. Inhofe is known for his references … Continue reading

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Funny numbers on unemployment

We got the report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that unemployment fell in January to 9.0% while the economy added 36,000 jobs. There are two key problems with these numbers. First of all, we have deep suspicions about the … Continue reading

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Global warming strikes Arizona

I put a remote sensor out by my tomato plants and this morning when I woke up it told me it was 22.8 degrees out there. We’ve set record lows in Mesa for two days straight now. Trained as a scientist, I understand … Continue reading

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Timid Republicans and the unconstitutional health care law

Monday, Judge Roger Vinson issued his ruling voiding Obamacare in its entirety as unconstitutional. On page 79, he indicated that he expected the Federal Government to honor the ruling, which would mean that it ceases implementation. But we know that … Continue reading

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Can Obama ignore the court’s ruling on Obamacare?

The chutzpah of the Obama administration is stunning. Judge Roger Vinson rules Obamacare unconstitutional, and they act as if nothing has happened. I’d like to deal with this logic that says that the administration can go on implementing the law … Continue reading

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Cease and desist implementing Obamacare

This afternoon we learned that US District Judge Roger Vinson struck down the entire Obamacare law as unconstitutional. I agree with the ruling. If it is held that the Federal Government can order us to purchase health insurance, it is … Continue reading

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