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The emperor and his enablers

I, like many Americans, was sickened by Obama’s address last night. It was his brazen lawlessness. It was the transparent contradiction in his reasoning: saying on the one hand that he is exercising legitimate executive discretion in acting as presidents … Continue reading

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What’s the REAL reason Republicans are taking a government shutdown off the table

Last fall, when Senator Ted Cruz was urging Republicans to stand firm against Obamacare and letting Obama shut down the government over the issue, the “voices of moderation” in the Republican Party were all telling us that this would spell … Continue reading

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This disgusting, corrupt budget process

It used to nearly make my hair nearly stand on end to hear the rant of libertarians, years ago, that there was no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. However, in regard to the leadership of the Republican party, that … Continue reading

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John Boehner – losing all credibility

This is where we see real anger coming from John Boehner – not when President Obama is trampling over the Constitution, not when Harry Reid is steamrolling over the will of the American people, not when the country is hurtling … Continue reading

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The debt ceiling negotiations – a mine field for Republicans

I have several blog posts urging John Boehner to stand firm on the budget and leave the government shut down indefinitely, if he has to. But the debt ceiling is a different matter. Here Republicans could be playing with fire. … Continue reading

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This is how we do the budget

Oh, how I’d love to be the Speaker of the House right now. I would make a statement and say that 83% of the government is operating, and that’s enough – everything essential is running. And I would say that … Continue reading

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Republicans are winning the shutdown battle – here’s how I can tell

Yes, it’s clear that Republicans are winning this battle over the budget, in the metrics that really matter. But will they win in the end? That depends on their strength of will. If you measure winning and losing by how … Continue reading

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Budget, or debt ceiling – where is it better for Republicans to draw the line?

This past week, Charles Krauthammer, who is pro-Republican and is on the Fox News Special Report panel, has been arguing that Republicans should not be trying to defund Obamacare by drawing a red line on the budget but by making … Continue reading

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Media conservatives simply don’t get it on Obamacare defunding

Friday was a low point in what Fox News calls its “All Star Panel” on Special Report, as they discussed the House vote on funding all of the government except Obamacare. The Inside the Beltway crowd simply doesn’t have any … Continue reading

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Republicans: Don’t be intimidated by Obama’s red line on Obamacare

Congressional Republicans could learn a lesson from Bashar Al-Assad – You can stand up to Obama. I get tired of listening to all these media conservatives who remember the great budget battle of 1995 as a defeat for Republicans. It’s … Continue reading

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If Government is Gonna Be Shutdown, Own It, GOP!

This was Rush’s headline comment for his radio show today, and was his lead comment on his e-mail blast after the show. And it looks like that’s what the Republicans are going to do. I certainly hope so. I was … Continue reading

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Life will go on, even if the government shuts down

The budget battle in Congress is heading for a very possible government shutdown. I think conservatives have a key advantage in this showdown, and that is that we would generally like less government, not more. A key vulnerability of the … Continue reading

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