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The NAACP – fighting to undo the Martin Luther King legacy

Oh, how the so-called civil rights movement has degenerated since the days of Martin Luther King. I get daily e-mails from policymic, a news source for millennials. Today’s lead story in my e-mail, by Jake Horowitz, was quoting a study … Continue reading

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No, Colin Powell is not that stupid

We’ve heard Colin Powell’s remarks about the voter ID laws in North Carolina and Texas. They’re going to make it more difficult for minorities to vote, he says. Mark Levin devoted a large segment of his show yesterday to responding … Continue reading

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Voter ID Laws – Get off this idea of discussing if they’re racist or not

Why is it in these national discussions that conservatives tend to argue defensively? That’s what is happening with the discussion about these voter ID laws in North Carolina and now in Texas. Even Mark Levin, who tends not to accept … Continue reading

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Get rid of John Boehner

As I have watched John Boehner in action since he became speaker a little over two years ago now, at first I thought of him as a wimp. But that doesn’t begin to explain all his behaviors. He’s a man … Continue reading

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Being a Rodeo Clown in today’s developing police state

The Left is on the march, and we conservatives know how they feel about free speech, even though they don’t admit it. So the time-honored tradition of dressing up rodeo clowns as presidents, going back at least to Richard Nixon … Continue reading

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