The NAACP – fighting to undo the Martin Luther King legacy

Oh, how the so-called civil rights movement has degenerated since the days of Martin Luther King.

I get daily e-mails from policymic, a news source for millennials. Today’s lead story in my e-mail, by Jake Horowitz, was quoting a study published in Bloomberg showing how African Americans are lagging today in almost every economic and social measure, including income and life expectancy. And why is that? It’s easy to see – the civil rights movement has morphed into a race industry whose existence is dependent on the perpetuation of black poverty. And while white acceptance of blacks has become the norm, black hatred of whites is promoted by supposedly respectable organizations like the mis-named NAACP.

As an illustration of how this and other supposed civil rights leaders promote black poverty, take the recent lawsuit by the U.S. Department of Justice trying to block Louisiana’s school choice law. School vouchers are a ticket for black youth to escape failing schools. And yet an African-American Attorney General, aided by former NAACP officials in his civil rights division is fighting against that.

Mark Levin points out from time to time on his radio show that his foundation, Landmark Legal Foundation, has fought for years for school choice in order to help lift black youths out of a cycle of poverty. They have been opposed at every point by the NAACP. And he has remarked that the name of this once-great organization, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is a ridiculous anachronism. Isn’t it time to change it?

I would say that yes, it should be changed. The problem is, not only is the term “colored people” an echo of a bygone era, the notion that this organization fights for advancement of anything but racial division is seriously outdated.

If they’d like to consider changing their name, I have two suggestions to make it more accurate.

Try the NAABP – The National Association for the Advancement of Black Poverty. That would pretty much sum up their mission.

But on reflection, maybe it would be more appropriate to call it the NAABS. I’ll leave the interpretation of the initials up to you.

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