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Re-writing the 14th amendment

So we have this argument over birthright citizenship—does the 14th Amendment to the Constitution grant citizenship to the children of foreigners who are born in this country? Only if you re-write it. Here is what the amendment says: All persons … Continue reading

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Vester Flanagan – planted and watered by the Left

Vester Flanagan is the real name of the shooter in Virginia who committed that horrible murder on live TV. We shouldn’t be surprised that this sort of thing is happening. We have had a year since Ferguson, Missouri in which … Continue reading

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The Republican Party Is Sick, and Trump Is the Symptom

While I don’t trust Donald Trump, I do love what he is saying. And I’m hoping he can help wake up a number of Republicans to the illness that is afflicting their party. It’s not entirely unlike what is happening … Continue reading

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The Uncommon Courage of Congressman Mark Meadows

It’s been almost three weeks since Congressman Mark Meadows made his gutsy motion to vacate the office of Speaker of the House. While the motion fizzled, as expected, I’d like to memorialize Congressman Meadows for his act of uncommon courage, … Continue reading

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Megyn Kelly’s damaged credibility

The thing is, I’m not really that fond of Donald Trump. Oh, I love what he is saying and how the media are so flummoxed by what he is saying. I love the way he fights. And I would definitely … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s War on Babies

I thought it was interesting, hearing Hillary Clinton’s ad defending Planned Parenthood. She was framing the debate as if being pro-baby was being against women. So to be pro-women, in Hillary’s mind, is to be anti-baby. Typical leftist, sowing divisions … Continue reading

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