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A really bad case of impeach-o-phobia, and this ridiculous lawsuit

It was really curious to see Brit Hume worked up into a lather about impeachment on last night’s Special Report on Fox. The usually mild-mannered Brit had some uncharacteristically harsh words for those who would like to impeach Pres. Obama: … Continue reading

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More deceptive campaigning by Bob Worsley

I got a mailer yesterday from Senator Bob Worsley’s campaign. It quotes former state senator Tom Freestone as saying: “Anyone can talk about small government, but Bob Worsley actually practices small government. He focuses on only 8 to 10 big … Continue reading

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Obama could stop this war in Gaza if he wanted

The other day, when I heard the clip from Obama saying, “We have serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths,” I thought, “If that is true, you would stop them. You have the power to stop them.” … Continue reading

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Bob Worsley’s deceptive Obamacare ad

I get really annoyed when politicians try to fool the voters into thinking they’re who they’re not. And that happened with a Bob Worsley (Arizona SD 25) ad I saw on TV yesterday. It starts out by saying that Senator … Continue reading

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