More deceptive campaigning by Bob Worsley

I got a mailer yesterday from Senator Bob Worsley’s campaign. It quotes former state senator Tom Freestone as saying: “Anyone can talk about small government, but Bob Worsley actually practices small government. He focuses on only 8 to 10 big issues each year. The rest should be left to local governments.”

How lame!

After being designated a “Hero of Big Government” by Americans for Prosperity, Senator Worsley must be feeling very defensive about this issue. AFP gave him a 9% rating, the lowest score of any Republican in the state legislature. So he went hunting for something he could say that paints him as a small government guy, and this is the best he could come up with.

Anyway, this mailer wants us to believe that because he focuses on 8 to 10 big issues a year, that makes him a small government politician. Actually, I’ll bet that most legislators focus on only a handful of issues. I don’t know what that has to do with big government or little government. What bothers me is the issues Senator Worsley focuses on: the federalizing of school curriculum through Common Core, the vast expansion of Medicaid and the implementation of Obamacare in Arizona, etc. That’s clearly a big government agenda that Worsley is trying to camouflage.

At the bottom of Worsley’s mailer, it says, “Now that’s conservative leadership!” Oh, give me a break! I hate it when politicians dissemble like this. It really gets me how Senator Worsley goes to the Red Mountain Tea Party and lectures them about how the Republican Party needs to be more moderate to attract more voters. If he really believes that, then he should campaign as a moderate. But no, when it’s election time, he and all the other big government Republicans campaign as conservatives. Phony through and through they are.

Our two state representatives from Worsley’s district, LD25, Justin Olson and Justin Pierce, earned 94% and 92% ratings respectively from Americans for Prosperity. That’s more like it, and is a more faithful representation of the sentiments of our LD25.

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