Obama could stop this war in Gaza if he wanted

The other day, when I heard the clip from Obama saying, “We have serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths,” I thought, “If that is true, you would stop them. You have the power to stop them.”

Hamas is using innocent civilians as human shields. When Israel warns civilians in Gaza of an impending attack, giving them time to evacuate and save themselves, Hamas comes in and tells them to stay. Why? Because it is waging a propaganda war designed to marshal the pressure of world opinion against Israel. It wants to promote the story line that Israel is killing its civilians.

It reminds me of an old tactic used in the war by Missouri frontiersmen against the Mormons in the 1830s. They wanted to exterminate the Mormons. As part of their campaign, they burned their own homes and blamed the Mormons. Then they sent the reports to the governor, who was able to use them as part of his pretext of ordering the extermination of the Mormons in Missouri.

Obama, by playing along with this propaganda game by Hamas, is complicit in these civilian casualties. So we have White House spokesman Josh Earnest quoted in the Boston Globe as saying, “We would like to see Israel take greater steps to ensure that they’re adhering to those standards [for avoiding the deaths of innocent civilians].” If, instead of playing along with Hamas, he would call out Hamas for their use of human shields and tell the truth that Hamas could end the deaths of its civilians by quitting this practice, he would remove their incentive for doing so and thus save those lives.

Radio talk show host Mark Levin has been saying for years that Obama hates Israel. Of course, Obama wants to camouflage that hatred. But his willingness to give Hamas this propaganda victory makes it pretty clear where his true sentiments lie.

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