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Romney did the right thing

This past week, both LDS Living and Meridian Magazine, the two leading online LDS magazines, gave prominence to a New York Times article where Romney, somewhat defensively, explained his wanted to run for President again as an outgrowth of his … Continue reading

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It’s time to give it up, Mitt

Mitt, you’re pushing this trying to become President too far, and you are now hurting your image and that of the Church. As a Mormon, I was initially excited as Mitt Romney entered the political arena. My enthusiasm, however, has … Continue reading

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Is Jimmy Carter lying about Islam or just ignorant?

Rush Limbaugh today commented on this amazing interview that Jimmy Carter had with Marc Lamont Hill of the Huffington Post. What is amazing is its apparent total misunderstanding of Islam. How to correct all of this? I keep thinking: So … Continue reading

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Yes, Howard Dean, they are Muslim terrorists

I like hearing what Howard Dean has to say, because he will say openly and freely what people on the left are thinking. And he did just that Wednesday on MSNBC. Here’s his reaction to the attacks in Paris by … Continue reading

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