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Selling Marxism with dissembling

President Obama made his defense of class warfare in his question-and-answer session with students at Northern Virginia Community College today. Have you noticed that when politicians play the class warfare card, that they have a particular choice of euphemisms they … Continue reading

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Ray LaHood squirming on Fox News Sunday

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood appeared yesterday morning on Fox News Sunday, and I felt bad for him. This past week, an air traffic controllerĀ at King County International in SeattleĀ fell asleep for the third time. He had fallen asleep on the … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugged, Part I – the movie

I heard about it from the Mark Levin Show last week, when Sean Hannity appeared and said he had seen the movie and it was terrific. John Aglialoro bought the movie rights to Atlas Shrugged from Ayn Rand’s estate in … Continue reading

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If Government is Gonna Be Shutdown, Own It, GOP!

This was Rush’s headline comment for his radio show today, and was his lead comment on his e-mail blast after the show. And it looks like that’s what the Republicans are going to do. I certainly hope so. I was … Continue reading

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