Get over it – Trump is the nominee

Let me start by saying I am no fan of Donald Trump. At one point, right after the Indiana primary when Cruz withdrew, I was leaning toward not voting for him and hoping there would be a third party candidate who could pull away enough electoral votes from Donald and Hillary to throw the election into the House of Representatives. But I’ve softened since then.

I do agree with Paul Ryan’s stance on Trump. He’s not saying he won’t endorse Trump. He’s holding out as a negotiating tactic, wanting some concessions from Trump before he publicly supports him. That’s a good move.

But I absolutely disagree with Mitt Romney basically boycotting the Republican National Convention as a protest to Trump, and the same for any other leaders who make similar moves. Mitt, you’re not dissing Trump with that move—you’re dissing the voters. Like it or not, that’s who the voters, through the legitimate system of primaries and conventions, selected.

Did they make a poor choice? I absolutely think so. I think they were snowed by a man with weak core principles and a driving desire for power who has been taking his stances on issues not based on what he really believes but on what he believes the people want to hear. But that is a symptom of the times. The people have become corrupt to the point where not enough any more care about simple honesty.

There was a point in our history where being a casino mogul would have been viewed as a stain on one’s resume. Not any more.

The political establishment, Republican and Democrat, is wont to try to govern against the will of the people. Mitt is part of that establishment, and his boycotting of the convention is an illustration of his lack of respect for the voice of the Republican electorate.

Do you agree? Disagree? I welcome your comments.

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