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This just wasn’t right, Brother Flake

The biggest problem I had with Senator Jeff Flake’s diatribe against President Trump on the Senate floor last Wednesday was the poor example he is setting for Latter-day Saints. This just isn’t how we are taught to treat our President. … Continue reading

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Get over it – Trump is the nominee

Let me start by saying I am no fan of Donald Trump. At one point, right after the Indiana primary when Cruz withdrew, I was leaning toward not voting for him and hoping there would be a third party candidate … Continue reading

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Romney paved the way for Obamacare

During the 2012 presidential election campaign, I caught grief from Mormon friends and some family members for not supporting Mitt Romney. I made several posts on this blog about being LDS and not for Romney. There was a feeling among … Continue reading

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The mask coming off for Mitt Romney

I’m a big supporter of the Senate Conservatives fund. I give them money and I’m on their mailing list. I just got an e-mail from them announcing their first endorsement for the 2016 elections: Mike Lee for Senate in Utah. … Continue reading

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It’s almost like Romney is running for the Arizona state legislature

Here in Arizona LD 25, where Big Government Republican Bob Worsley, the most liberal Republican in the Arizona legislature, is running for re-election, I see all these signs up and mailers in my mailbox telling me how Mitt Romney endorses … Continue reading

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Bob Worsley doesn’t need this job? Really, Senator Flake?

A while back, I got an election mailer promoting my state senator, Bob Worsley. It featured a statement by US Senator Jeff Flake as follows: “Bob Worsley doesn’t need this job, but Arizona needs Bob Worsley to have this job.” … Continue reading

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Chris Christie’s sabotage of the election

Was it Chris Christie’s rescue of Obama’s image over Hurricane Sandy that cost the Republicans the election? We can’t say for absolute sure, but it’s looking like that may be the case. Dick Morris calls it “Christie’s fawning promotion of … Continue reading

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Have the establishment media no self-respect any more?

I just finished reading an ABC News post, featuring a video of Diane Sawyer trying to portray Romney as unpresidential for disagreeing with Obama’s foreign policy. It is utterly sick and utterly laughable at the same time. Here we have … Continue reading

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Is Romney a match for Obama? My view of the outsourcing debate.

Barack Obama seems to be having a great time hurling verbal Molotov cocktails at Mitt Romney, and I am hoping – oh I am hoping – that Romney will respond correctly. I am so frustrated with some of the timid … Continue reading

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Needing a little “fire” from Romney – be like Captain Moroni!

The conservative panelists on last night’s Fox News Special Report were shaking their heads about Romney not being able to seize the advantage of a pathetic economy and an unpopular direction of the country. Even while the economy is lagging, … Continue reading

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Obama walking back his comment, “The private sector is doing fine.” Really?

They’re discussing this comment by Obama on panels and talk radio all over. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace brought it up for discussion. But he made one error. He said that later that day Obama walked back those comments. … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart defends Romney’s Mormonism – funny!

I made no secret on this blog of my very lukewarm support for Mitt Romney for President during the primaries. My first preference was Michele Bachmann, my second was Rick Santorum. But I noticed along the way weird things happening, … Continue reading

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