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Romney paved the way for Obamacare

During the 2012 presidential election campaign, I caught grief from Mormon friends and some family members for not supporting Mitt Romney. I made several posts on this blog about being LDS and not for Romney. There was a feeling among … Continue reading

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Bob Worsley’s deceptive Obamacare ad

I get really annoyed when politicians try to fool the voters into thinking they’re who they’re not. And that happened with a Bob Worsley (Arizona SD 25) ad I saw on TV yesterday. It starts out by saying that Senator … Continue reading

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Why do people continue to have faith in government?

When the government screws up so terribly, all the time, and lies about it, why do so many people continue to want to give it more power? I was just logging on to my online credit card account when I … Continue reading

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Why the government is a corruption magnet

Mark Levin keeps making the point that the lying that occurs in the public sector would be severely punished if it occurred in the private sector. If a board of directors, for example, distorted budget figures to try to create … Continue reading

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Republicans are winning the shutdown battle – here’s how I can tell

Yes, it’s clear that Republicans are winning this battle over the budget, in the metrics that really matter. But will they win in the end? That depends on their strength of will. If you measure winning and losing by how … Continue reading

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Media conservatives simply don’t get it on Obamacare defunding

Friday was a low point in what Fox News calls its “All Star Panel” on Special Report, as they discussed the House vote on funding all of the government except Obamacare. The Inside the Beltway crowd simply doesn’t have any … Continue reading

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Republicans: Don’t be intimidated by Obama’s red line on Obamacare

Congressional Republicans could learn a lesson from Bashar Al-Assad – You can stand up to Obama. I get tired of listening to all these media conservatives who remember the great budget battle of 1995 as a defeat for Republicans. It’s … Continue reading

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The Obama administration’s war on the sick

A little-known rule, a provision of Obamacare, went into effect this week. Starting this month, hospitals with high re-admission rates will be penalized to the amount of 1% of their Medicare payments. For hospitals, who often operate on slim margins, … Continue reading

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Obama preying on gullibility again

On Monday night, Mark Levin pointed out something interesting about Obama’s Friday campaign speech in Poland, Ohio. Here’s what Obama said: “For those of you who already have health insurance, the only thing this does is make your health insurance … Continue reading

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Needing a little “fire” from Romney – be like Captain Moroni!

The conservative panelists on last night’s Fox News Special Report were shaking their heads about Romney not being able to seize the advantage of a pathetic economy and an unpopular direction of the country. Even while the economy is lagging, … Continue reading

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Jack Lew on a favorite topic of Liberals – shutting down dissent

White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew appeared on Fox News Sunday to talk about Obamacare. And he made an interesting statement. After basking in the victory – “When the Supreme Court rules, we have a final answer” – he … Continue reading

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Mourning the Constitution

I heard Charles Krauthammer last night trying to paint a smiley face on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare, and his comments fell flat. He said that well, now that this penalty has been called a tax by the Supreme … Continue reading

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