Why do people continue to have faith in government?

When the government screws up so terribly, all the time, and lies about it, why do so many people continue to want to give it more power?

I was just logging on to my online credit card account when I saw a message about the recent security breach at Target. It said, “Target is reporting that some credit and debit cards used at Target stores between November 27 and December 15 were compromised.”

I have a business credit card and a personal credit card, and I had used each one of them at Target during that time period. A careful checking of my transactions shows no suspicious transactions. Now, while Target can be faulted here, they are certainly being transparent. There is a sentence, later on in the message from Capital One: “We were informed that there wasn’t significant personally identifying information stolen, such as Social Security numbers or addresses, so we believe that the risk of identity theft is greatly reduced.”

How opposite from what we’ve seen from our government recently. There are stories of serious security lapses, for example, on the Obamacare website. The CEO of our government, however, hasn’t even acknowledged this. We recently had a budget deal that was drawn up in secret and its details were revealed only hours before it needed to be passed, in violation of promises of transparency by the Speaker John Boehner. And we were lied to over a period of many months, in order to get Obamacare into law. Heads would roll and some people would end up in prison if any of these government tactics were tried in private industry.

Why is it that so few people can see this? Yes, I’m sure there is corruption in private industry. But clearly, if corruption is your game plan, you are infinitely safer pulling it off in government. There, corruption is standard practice.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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