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The Equality Stamp and the march of Marxism

We’re hearing this from several places now on the left – they are pushing this issue of “income equality,” or simply “equality.” I first noticed this last year when the Post Office issued these four flag stamps. While Liberty, Justice, … Continue reading

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This is the scary thing about what Obama is doing

I continue to contend that the dangerous thing about Obama’s presidency is not that he is grabbing power like a tyrant and abusing it so, but that the country is letting him get away with it. I just had brought … Continue reading

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Why do people continue to have faith in government?

When the government screws up so terribly, all the time, and lies about it, why do so many people continue to want to give it more power? I was just logging on to my online credit card account when I … Continue reading

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John Boehner – losing all credibility

This is where we see real anger coming from John Boehner – not when President Obama is trampling over the Constitution, not when Harry Reid is steamrolling over the will of the American people, not when the country is hurtling … Continue reading

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Worshipping the Great Obama

On one level it’s amusing. On another it’s sick. On yet another level it’s scary – this way we’re being asked to view Obama, to suspend reason. It comes up anytime there is possible criticism of Obama. This time it … Continue reading

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Dare we say “Impeach the President?”

The news hit today that the word “impeachment” was uttered in a Congressional hearing room. Gasp! Georgetown law professor Nicholas Rosenkranz was being questioned about Pres. Obama usurping lawmaking powers. What can be done about it? he was asked. The … Continue reading

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The Left, driven by class envy, has a problem with logic

I’ve had an interesting exchange on a discussion group on the Mother Jones website over the past few days, and it made me reflect on the thought processes of the Left. Don’t expect logic out of these people. The article … Continue reading

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