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Of course Guantanamo is a recruitment tool for terrorists

Obama is right and his critics are wrong on this one. The Guantanamo prison is clearly a recruitment tool for terrorists. Obama releases the prisoners, and the terrorists go after those released and my understanding is that they recruit a … Continue reading

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Vester Flanagan – planted and watered by the Left

Vester Flanagan is the real name of the shooter in Virginia who committed that horrible murder on live TV. We shouldn’t be surprised that this sort of thing is happening. We have had a year since Ferguson, Missouri in which … Continue reading

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Iran won’t even thank us for the Nukes

The tough thing about this Iran deal that Obama and Kerry have negotiated is that Iran won’t even thank the United States for helping it get nuclear weapons. But let’s put that aside and look at how they got this … Continue reading

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Obama’s comical war on radical Islam

Aside from being so serious and scary, the way the Obama administration is conducting the war on radical Islam is really funny. What compounds the humor is the way all his people and other Democrats go along with the ridiculousness. … Continue reading

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This is an enemy of America in Ferguson

Let’s strip away all the pretense and get down to what really happened in Ferguson, Missouri. 18-year-old Michael Brown robbed a store in Ferguson, Missouri and assaulted the clerk. The police were called and officer Darren Wilson arrived on the … Continue reading

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The emperor and his enablers

I, like many Americans, was sickened by Obama’s address last night. It was his brazen lawlessness. It was the transparent contradiction in his reasoning: saying on the one hand that he is exercising legitimate executive discretion in acting as presidents … Continue reading

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Barack Obama says it but he doesn’t mean it

Obama’s address to the nation on Wednesday night was the most illogical bundle of contradictions I can remember hearing from the man, and that’s saying something. Obama’s speech is so crammed with errors that from his opening sentence, it is … Continue reading

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Understanding Obama’s foreign policy

I hear pundits all over trying varying explanations for Obama’s failure to act and the confusion he is communicating in dealing with America’s enemies abroad. But this is not really that complicated to figure out. Uncomfortable, yes, but complicated, no. … Continue reading

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A really bad case of impeach-o-phobia, and this ridiculous lawsuit

It was really curious to see Brit Hume worked up into a lather about impeachment on last night’s Special Report on Fox. The usually mild-mannered Brit had some uncharacteristically harsh words for those who would like to impeach Pres. Obama: … Continue reading

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Obama could stop this war in Gaza if he wanted

The other day, when I heard the clip from Obama saying, “We have serious concerns about the rising number of Palestinian civilian deaths,” I thought, “If that is true, you would stop them. You have the power to stop them.” … Continue reading

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Why Obama has no interest in freeing Marine sergeant Tahmooressi

I just discovered news about the petition on the White House website asking Obama to demand the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi. (See the Fox News article: WH Petition to Free Marine). Good luck. The problem is, Obama has … Continue reading

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Obama validates my assessment of John Boehner

Did you pick up on this in Pres. Obama’s interview with The New Yorker magazine? He gave away John Boehner’s negotiating strategy, and he validates what I have been saying about the Speaker. Here is the quote: “Another way of … Continue reading

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