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The pro-gay marriage speech police are at it again

Too many people in this country are still under the dangerous illusion that legalizing gay marriage would be an act of tolerance. As I wrote earlier this year, legalizing gay marriage would unleash a torrent of intolerance. And this is … Continue reading

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For McCain, political opportunism trumps character in attack on Bachmann

John McCain, last week, took to the floor of the Senate to condemn an investigation by Michele Bachmann and four other members of the House Intelligence Committee: Louie Gohmert, Lynn Westmoreland, Trent Franks, and Thomas Rooney. Here is what he … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s slap in the face to Wil Cardon

I just got an e-mail announcing that Sarah Palin has endorsed Jeff Flake for Congress. When Wil Cardon appeared at the Mountain View Tea Party, he tried to answer a question about the Club for Growth, who has also endorsed … Continue reading

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Shameless gun control advocates and the Aurora shooting

It is so disgusting to hear the Left trying again to push gun control on us, as decent people all over the country are trying to mourn the slain in Aurora. Couldn’t you people just lay off it for a … Continue reading

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Is Romney a match for Obama? My view of the outsourcing debate.

Barack Obama seems to be having a great time hurling verbal Molotov cocktails at Mitt Romney, and I am hoping – oh I am hoping – that Romney will respond correctly. I am so frustrated with some of the timid … Continue reading

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Mitch McConnell interviewed by Mark Levin. Really!

Hey, it’s a very hopeful sign. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell agreed to appear on the Mark Levin radio show. Levin has been highly critical of McConnell and has called for new Republican leadership. But last night, McConnell agreed to … Continue reading

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Obama having great fun seeing what he can get away with

A question that comes to mind after Obama’s latest power grab, rewriting the welfare reform legislation, is, “How far can he go with these power grabs?” And I’m visualizing him having a great time with these. Power is intoxicating and … Continue reading

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Mixed reviews of Wil Cardon at Mountain View Tea Party

US Senate candidate Wil Cardon spoke Thursday night at the Mountain View Tea Party in Mesa. The appearance was a mixed bag. Attendance was low. When Jeff Flake appeared at the same venue two years ago, he packed the room … Continue reading

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Obama preying on gullibility again

On Monday night, Mark Levin pointed out something interesting about Obama’s Friday campaign speech in Poland, Ohio. Here’s what Obama said: “For those of you who already have health insurance, the only thing this does is make your health insurance … Continue reading

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No, Obama – this is a step in the WRONG direction. Look at the numbers!

I’m tired of the Obama distortions and I’m tired of the tepid responses from Republicans. In Poland, Ohio, on Friday, it was a classic Obama speech trying to pull more fast ones on us. Obama said, “We learned this morning … Continue reading

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Could Eric Holder be hiding donations from drug cartels?

I have heard several commentators theorize that Eric Holder was pushing the Fast and Furious gun running operation to promote the need for more gun control. Clearly there is a huge coverup here, and clearly there’s an ulterior motive for … Continue reading

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Needing a little “fire” from Romney – be like Captain Moroni!

The conservative panelists on last night’s Fox News Special Report were shaking their heads about Romney not being able to seize the advantage of a pathetic economy and an unpopular direction of the country. Even while the economy is lagging, … Continue reading

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