Shameless gun control advocates and the Aurora shooting

It is so disgusting to hear the Left trying again to push gun control on us, as decent people all over the country are trying to mourn the slain in Aurora. Couldn’t you people just lay off it for a few days?

The thing is, their calls for taking away our civil liberties aren’t even rational. Murder rates are highest in some of our cities that have the strictest gun laws – Chicago and Washington, DC. And a little research shows that Aurora, Colorado has very strict gun control laws. It is unlawful there to carry a concealed firearm or to have loaded firearms in your vehicle. So James Holmes was already breaking gun control laws. Are we surprised? And while he was wearing body armor, I will bet that had there been another person or two in that theater with a gun, they could have disabled him.

And what exactly would they propose to do to prevent such an incident as this? Go house to house and confiscate all guns? I have an idea – allow, even encourage – more law-abiding citizens to carry concealed guns. That is something that has actually been shown to reduce gun violence. But no, that gives people too much freedom. Leftists don’t like ideas like that.

And then George Stephanopoulos and Brian Shaw using the occasion to try to implicate the Tea Party, that is as shameless as they come. I agree with what Mark Levin said on his radio show last night, that if ABC News had an ounce of integrity, they would fire them both. What they did was do a quick Internet search on the name of the killer, James Holmes, in Aurora, Colorado. They announced that they found a James Holmes in Aurora who was a member of the Tea Party and suggested that, while they didn’t know for sure, this might be the killer. Well, I did a search myself on the name of James Holmes, and I found six individuals by that name in Aurora, Colorado. So singling out a Tea Party member was really uncalled for. No, this was another in a long string of lame attempts to use the occasion of a national tragedy to incite hate against conservatives.

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