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The latest cause for the crazies. Really?

It was in Sunday’s Mesa Tribune, an opinion piece by Mike McClellan titled “The Latest Cause for the Crazies Is Common Core.” I read it with some sadness. Why is it so hard, I thought, for the Left to discuss … Continue reading

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Global warming alarmists becoming unhinged

So we’re just finishing a brutally cold winter. And we have news that global temperatures have been steady since 2001. But global warming alarmists are actually getting more strident and shrill. John Kerry is calling climate change “the world’s most … Continue reading

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Arizona SB1062 and the death of religious liberty

When you contemplate what just happened in Arizona with the squashing of SB1062, it’s breathtaking. The bill made no reference at all to gays, same sex marriage, or discrimination. It simply allowed a person to cite his or her religious … Continue reading

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Report on Article V convention progress in Arizona

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe called in Friday to the Mark Levin radio show and reported on the progress of the proposal to call a convention of the states to amend the constitution. Plus I amplified his information with some … Continue reading

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