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Report on Article V convention progress in Arizona

Arizona State Representative Bob Thorpe called in Friday to the Mark Levin radio show and reported on the progress of the proposal to call a convention of the states to amend the constitution. Plus I amplified his information with some … Continue reading

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Arizona SB 1062 – Senator Worsley checks his political courage at the door

Political moderates are interesting creatures. They like to stake out a position between the extremes so that they appear reasonable. It bugs me because in this day, when our freedoms are under serious assault, we need people of conviction and … Continue reading

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How to restore the American Republic

Three months ago, Mark Levin released a blockbuster new book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. In it, he proposes that the states call a convention to amend the US Constitution. I have a key suggestion about how to … Continue reading

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