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Obama administration getting real tough on illegals

David Marin with ICE Enforcement and Removal in Los Angeles was shown Wednesday on Fox News’ Special Report, saying, “I think we’re putting the message out that, you know, if you come to the United States and get convicted of a … Continue reading

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This conservative says, “Yes, let’s ask the rich to pay more taxes. I’m serious!”

So here we have Obama saying that to be fair, we need to ask the rich to pay more taxes. And now we have this retired Google millionaire, Doug Edwards, standing up in front of the President and asking him … Continue reading

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Will the real “plant” in the Russell Pearce recall election please stand up?

KTAR radio yesterday covered an interview of candidate Jerry Lewis, one of the candidates in the LD 18 recall election. He was stating that he felt that Olivia Cortes was a “plant” in the election, and her candidacy was designed … Continue reading

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Admitting, reluctantly, that Romney won this debate

I am not a big fan of Mitt Romney. People wonder at that, since I am LDS, expecting me to fall in line. But I bristle at that thought. The nation’s politics are in dire straits, and I feel the … Continue reading

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No consensus on global warming among scientists

Chris Matthews recently criticized some Republican candidates for president asking how can they get very far by denying the obvious science of global warming. It’s another hallmark of the Left that they can’t come to grips with differences of opinion. … Continue reading

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Buffett does this not because it makes sense, but because it makes him feel good

So President Obama is calling his new “millionaire’s tax” the Buffett tax. This whole campaign of his is a great illustration of how the Left thinks and acts. Yes, it is class warfare. And while they’re reluctant to admit it, it’s … Continue reading

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Senator Russell Pearce defends his record, confronts his opponents.

Two days ago, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the recall election for Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce can proceed. So there was a lot of interest as Senator Pearce spoke tonight at the Mountain View Tea Party in Mesa, which … Continue reading

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This debate goes to Michele Bachmann

The clear victor in tonight’s Republican debate, in my mind, was Michele Bachmann. Besides watching the debate, I watched some post-debate interviews on Fox, and the one that was fascinating was Greta Van Susteren interviewing Sarah Palin. Governor Palin helped … Continue reading

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Memories of 9-11 that the establishment media won’t report.

What stands out for me, as I remember 9-11, is how the country reacted. And you won’t hear the establishment media dwelling on this, because to them it is an embarrassment. We began singing “God Bless America.” Do you remember … Continue reading

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Solyndra Scandal – contractor reveals that everyone knew up front that the company would eventually fail.

On Wednesday night, Mark Levin had a caller who had been an employee of a company that worked on the Solyndra plant. Solyndra is the now-bankrupt solar manufacturing company in the Bay area that Obama touted a year ago as a … Continue reading

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The impact of the Obama’s jobs speech, and his reality disconnect.

Last night, on Special Report, host Bret Baier asked his panelists to take a stab at what the headlines would be Friday morning, as far as Obama’s jobs speech was concerned. Here are their answers. Steve Hayes: “Well, if it’s the New … Continue reading

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The failure of the welfare state in Great Britain

Friday evening, Mark Levin had a caller, a Jim from Stratford, Connecticut, who was an immigrant from Scotland. What he said about the welfare state in Great Britain was most interesting, and doesn’t really need any comment, so I’ll just post a transcript … Continue reading

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