Memories of 9-11 that the establishment media won’t report.

What stands out for me, as I remember 9-11, is how the country reacted. And you won’t hear the establishment media dwelling on this, because to them it is an embarrassment.

We began singing “God Bless America.” Do you remember that? It was everywhere. Major league baseball parks began having it sung during the seventh-inning stretch. Some of them still do that.

And the American flag was everywhere. It was on cars, and on houses everywhere. Flag sales skyrocketed. CNN reported that Wal-Mart sold almost half a million flags by Thursday of that week, two days after the attack.

And the patriotic fervor persisted for a long time. Remember at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, when members of the US Olympic team carried in the tattered flag that had flown at the World Trade Center on September 11?

And at the runup to the 10th anniversary of 9-11, flag sales are up again. Which is bad news for Democrats. A study by Cornell University published this summer showed that seeing the American flag tended to make people more favorable to Republicans.

And 9-11 taught me what the Left means when it refers to freedom of speech. It means that you aren’t supposed to criticize them. They began to speak of a “chill in the air” inhibiting free speech, because their anti-American and anti-war comments all of a sudden weren’t very well received. Do you remember the CD-burning parties protesting the Dixie Chicks, and how that was received by the Left? They said it was an attack on the free speech rights of the Dixie Chicks. So now I understood. When people on the Left burn the American flag, that’s an expression of free speech. When people burn CD’s of theirs, that’s an attack on free speech.

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