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Mourning the Constitution

I heard Charles Krauthammer last night trying to paint a smiley face on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Obamacare, and his comments fell flat. He said that well, now that this penalty has been called a tax by the Supreme … Continue reading

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Dredging up a new rationale for the supposed constitutionality of federal health care

There was a comment after an article on the Salon website about Justice Antonin Scalia that presented an argument I had heard before. It needs an answer, in case anyone else runs across it. If you click the link to … Continue reading

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On John Boehner and spiking the football

I sincerely hope that we get some momentum going with the new Republican freshman class in the House of Representatives to get us a new Speaker. We deserve better than John Boehner. His statement this week that, if Obamacare is … Continue reading

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James Lovelock calls global warming “a religion”

The website says in the description tag of its biography page about James Lovelock, “James Lovelock is the founding historical and cultural leader of environmentalism for environmentalists around the world.” He had a rapt audience when, in 2006, he … Continue reading

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Roger Clemens – another misstep for Eric Holder’s Justice Department

Prosecutorial overreach in the Roger Clemens case and in the John Edwards case, and now trouble over Fast and Furious – it hasn’t been a good year for the Eric Holder Justice Department. But singling out the Roger Clemens case, … Continue reading

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Why would the White House pass up this opportunity to reassure us?

Chris Wallace’s interview yesterday on Fox News Sunday with Senior Obama Advisor David Plouffe was delicious. There were tough questions about the recent national security leaks and a lot of dancing around them by Plouffe. First was an excellent question … Continue reading

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Where is the outrage over legislating from the Oval Office?

It’s scary, the lawlessness that the Obama regime seems to get away with. I hear a lot of commenting about Obama’s recent decision to grant work permits to the children of illegal immigrants. But the protests against this brazen abuse … Continue reading

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“Wipe Out Homophobia” – scary intolerance of religion

There is a group that is called “Wipe Out Homophobia” and they have a Facebook page. And they have over 400,000 likes. And they talk about love and tolerance. But think about the title of the group – it’s all … Continue reading

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Something is seriously wrong with Mitch McConnell

On Tuesday, Senator John Cornyn joined 115 House Republicans and at least three other senators in calling for the resignation of US Attorney General Eric Holder. OK, that’s good. Holder is the most blatantly corrupt public official I can remember … Continue reading

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Obama walking back his comment, “The private sector is doing fine.” Really?

They’re discussing this comment by Obama on panels and talk radio all over. On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace brought it up for discussion. But he made one error. He said that later that day Obama walked back those comments. … Continue reading

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Barb Parker’s email about Bob Worsley and Russell Pearce

I got this email from Barb Parker last night. It sounds like she’s the originator of it, though it doesn’t say that clearly. But she asked that it be passed around as much as possible, and I agree with it, … Continue reading

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