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Where’s your pen and your phone now, Mr. Obama?

Ever since he lost control of Congress in 2010, Obama has been running roughshod over them. They don’t do what he wants? Well, he just takes out his pen and his phone. Well, now, let’s see him try to “pen … Continue reading

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The conservative pundits are going with Trump – but we could do so much better

I listen faithfully to Mark Levin’s radio show each night, at least enough of it each night to pick up all his themes. And while I have great admiration for his insight, his integrity, and his courage, I part ways … Continue reading

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Dredging up a new rationale for the supposed constitutionality of federal health care

There was a comment after an article on the Salon website about Justice Antonin Scalia that presented an argument I had heard before. It needs an answer, in case anyone else runs across it. If you click the link to … Continue reading

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