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Miranda rights vs Right to keep and bear arms. The Left reveals its true colors.

I don’t think I’ve seen the American Left in such nimble mental gymnastics, ever. We just got through hearing from many on the Left, including President Obama, how, if we could save just one child, we should move to restrict … Continue reading

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What’s the big deal about Kermit Gosnell?

I heard it yesterday on Fox on “The Five” and the night before on Special Report’s All Star Panel – these panels wrestling with the question about why the establishment media isn’t covering Kermit Gosnell’s mass murder trial. But the … Continue reading

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Jeff Flake joins the Democrats in opening the door for more gun control

I felt this was the way Jeff Flake was going to go. I have seen him as one who would more like to “go along to get along” than to defend our liberties. He was one of the Republicans called … Continue reading

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Dr. Benjamin Carson reveals intolerance of Left

I listened to Dr. Benjamin Carson’s interview on the Mark Levin show Monday night. I love honesty and that’s why I loved this interview. I love it when the hypocrites, the phonies, the pretenders, are exposed. And there was a … Continue reading

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