Jeff Flake joins the Democrats in opening the door for more gun control

I felt this was the way Jeff Flake was going to go. I have seen him as one who would more like to “go along to get along” than to defend our liberties. He was one of the Republicans called out by Mark Levin on his Thursday radio program for voting to allow this gun control law that they are trying to ram through the senate to go through to a vote.

Jeff Flake is a member of my stake and I know that my stake president really likes the man. When he talks in church, he sounds great. He seems like a good and decent man. But I will tell you that I was troubled after hearing him give a brief comment in a recent stake meeting after being elected to the Senate. Many LDS people in that meeting, which took place right after the 2012 election, were worried about the direction our country was going, worried for their liberties. The point of his comment was that our constitution is strong and will be fine. I was troubled by that comment and felt at the time that it didn’t display the “fire” for liberty that I would like to see in our elected officials. This attempt by Congress to further abridge our second amendment rights and Jeff Flake’s going along with that is a prime illustration of that lack of commitment.

Here is what I have against Jeff Flake:

  1. He initially ran pledging to serve only three terms. He broke that pledge. His cavalier dismissal of that lack of integrity ought to concern any truly good person. To me it reveals too strong a love of the power that he feels in office.
  2. In 2012, I watched him switch his vote on a budget issue when the Club for Growth came out and made it one of their scorable votes. That slipped by a lot of people. I noticed it. He loves their 100% rating, but he doesn’t have the same deep and abiding love for their principles.
  3. I had a chance to join in quizzing him when he came to speak at a local Tea Party meeting in 2010. He could not defend several of his positions from a basis of conservative principles, though he tried.

He struck me at that meeting in 2010, and he strikes me now, as a man who wants to appear to be good and appear to be conservative, but he doesn’t have the fire of liberty in his bosom. What appears to me to burn stronger for him is a desire to be at the seat of power.

Mark Levin said that he wished the NRA had decided to score this procedural vote because it is a vote for gun control. Had they done that, I am certain Jeff Flake would have voted against cloture. Appearances matter.

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  1. I have for the longest time been less than impressed by Jeff Flake. He pleases me when it comes to advocacy in favor of travel to Cuba but then the next week arrives and I wonder what freedom has Flake advocated for this week. I always think that a former executive director of Goldwater Institute could do better.

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