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The right to not be offended

I must say that I found this news report very confusing. It appeared Thursday from CBS News in Los Angeles. It seems like a family in Ontario, California was flying a Mexican flag, and this offended Tressy Capps. She told … Continue reading

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Follow-up on Bob Worsley’s business dealings

A little over a month ago I posted the contents of an e-mail I received from Kris Heap documenting business dealings of Arizona State Senator Bob Worsley (LD-25), titled, Why would Bob Worsley spend close to $1 million to stay … Continue reading

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Don’t lie to me, Senator Rubio

I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon from Florida Senator Marco Rubio that rekindled all my negative feelings about him. Back in July, 2013, I wrote a post titled I’m through with Marco Rubio. The occasion was his attempt to push … Continue reading

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Barack Obama says it but he doesn’t mean it

Obama’s address to the nation on Wednesday night was the most illogical bundle of contradictions I can remember hearing from the man, and that’s saying something. Obama’s speech is so crammed with errors that from his opening sentence, it is … Continue reading

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Understanding Obama’s foreign policy

I hear pundits all over trying varying explanations for Obama’s failure to act and the confusion he is communicating in dealing with America’s enemies abroad. But this is not really that complicated to figure out. Uncomfortable, yes, but complicated, no. … Continue reading

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