Don’t lie to me, Senator Rubio

I got an e-mail yesterday afternoon from Florida Senator Marco Rubio that rekindled all my negative feelings about him.

Back in July, 2013, I wrote a post titled I’m through with Marco Rubio. The occasion was his attempt to push Mitch McConnell’s liberal immigration reform legislation through Congress, to give it a conservative face. I had been suspicious of him ever since July 2012 when he joined Senator McCain in piling on Michele Bachmann and three other great Members of Congress who have sterling integrity. His immigration moves caused me to break with him.

He was clearly stung by the conservative backlash that he experienced there, and has since backed away from his support of immigration reform. And I have found myself mellowing in my attitude toward him, thinking that I could possibly support him for president. But this e-mail I got yesterday pushed me back over the edge. Here is what he said:


I know you are busy, so I’ll make this quick.

Conservatives like you and I are in a tough spot right now. Here’s why:

* President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have outraised us by a whopping $27 MILLION already this cycle.
* We are now only 3 days away from our Mid-Month Fundraising deadline.
* Right now we are still short of our goal, and need 124 more conservatives to renew their NRCC membership to get where we need to be.

Will you help us by renewing your conservative membership for 2014 by chipping in $25 today?

It really turns my stomach when the National Republican Congressional Committee tries to pose as conservative when their funds have been used to squash conservatives like Chris McDaniel in Mississippi and Milton Wolf in Kansas. No, Marco, you are clearly trying to push this word “conservative” out with your request for funds. If you were truly conservative you would have to know about this divide in the Republican party, and you would bow out of this. That’s what Ted Cruz has done. But if you really wanted to help your buddy Mitch McConnell, you could have done so without lying. Just say that you want donations for Republicans and don’t participate in this effort to paint a major anti-conservative force in this country as conservative.

Three strikes and you’re out, Marco.

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