Understanding Obama’s foreign policy

I hear pundits all over trying varying explanations for Obama’s failure to act and the confusion he is communicating in dealing with America’s enemies abroad. But this is not really that complicated to figure out. Uncomfortable, yes, but complicated, no.

In Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, he promised to “fundamentally transform” America. If we just apply our logic to this instead of our wishful thinking, it’s clear that he simply doesn’t like America. Why else would he want to fundamentally transform her?

If that weren’t enough of a clue, we just need to look at his background, the people he associated with: Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, hate-America preacher Jeremiah Wright, his Marxist mentors going all the way back to his childhood in Hawaii, etc.

Oh, we will have those who, in their wishful thinking, don’t want to believe what is clearly in front of them. But everything Obama has done in foreign policy, beginning with his apology tour, is consistent with a politician who simply doesn’t like America but tried not to appear that way.

So of course, he is not as upset over threats to our country as the citizenry is. Even those in his administration who are committed leftists are speaking out more stridently against our enemies than he is.

And this is why his public statements have been confusing. He doesn’t dare say what he really thinks, so he has to try to strike a posture where he appears upset but doesn’t do anything substantial to defend the country.

No other explanation makes any sense. I can’t believe that a man who has risen to the position he has is as stupid as some of the commentators try to make him out to be, that he would be unable to see the threat. It’s not a matter of unable – it’s a matter of unwilling.

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