Leftists lining up behind Scott Smith

Yesterday’s Mesa Tribune had an interesting op-ed from their frequent leftist contributor, Mike McClellan.

He starts by trying to portray himself as a middle-of-the-road kind of guy by saying that he is an “Independent.” It reality, he is a fervent leftist who, from his columns, is very comfortable with the Democrat platform. And he’s concerned about our Republican primary election for governor, lest we nominate some “uber-conservative.”

Can we be honest here? Yes, Arizona election law allows him, by taking on the “Independent” label, to vote in the Republican primary. But in reality he is a Democrat at heart, which means he is crossing over. He freely admits in the op-ed that he is taking the role of a spoiler. And he quite likes Scott Smith.

He really like’s Smith’s positions on the issues: he’s for federalizing the school curriculum with Common Core, for the expansion of Medicaid to implement Obamacare, and Smith likes taxes.

McClellan thinks it would be pretty cool to have Scott Smith and Democrat Fred DuVal as the choices for Governor in the November election. As a leftist, he seems to feel comfortable with either one and meddling in the Republican primary would hopefully prevent the possibility of having someone who would actually promote Republican party principles as governor.

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