NFIB does not endorse Worsley

My business is a member of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and I just received their list of legislative endorsements for tomorrow’s primary election. It was interesting to see that they would not endorse Senator Bob Worsley, my state senator. Good for them!

The Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Worsley. Many people have the mistaken idea that the Chamber of Commerce is a conservative organization. No, they are a trade organization that has among its principal objectives obtaining government largesse for its members. So the Chamber of Commerce was for Obama’s trillion-dollar stimulus, and for the Wall Street bailouts, but conservatives are strongly against these big-government measures. Conservatives want immigrants to come in legally and be assimilated into American society. The Chamber of Commerce wants the walls to come down so that big corporations can get cheap labor.

The National Federation of Independent Business, which represents small businesses, tends to be much more conservative. That is why I cancelled my membership in the Chamber of Commerce last year and joined the NFIB.

Here are their endorsements for my Arizona LD 25:
For Senator, they are silent.
For Representative, they endorse Justin Olson and Rusty Bowers.

For me, I am voting for Ralph Heap for Senator for LD 25. For Representative, I have met, corresponded with, and heard Justin Olson speak. I know he’s a good, solid conservative. I have neither met nor heard Rusty Bowers, but on the strength of this endorsement and other recommendations from people I trust, I will vote for him.

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