Why would Bob Worsley spend over half a million $ to stay in the Arizona Senate?

Back on August 3 I wrote a post commenting on a mailer I received that quoted Senator Jeff Flake: “Bob Worsley doesn’t need this job, but Arizona needs Bob Worsley to have this job.” You see, I have learned over the years that when I see declarative statements from politicians I have learned not to trust, to check to see if just the opposite is true. I did a little research and found he was involved in green energy projects. That, of course, made me very suspicious that there was crony capitalism going on. So I titled my post, “Bob Worsley doesn’t need this job? Really, Senator Flake?

Then, five days before his primary election where he faced Ralph Heap, I got an e-mail from someone who gave me information on Bob Worsley’s business history. I found it eye-opening and credible, and published it here. It had information about his biomass plant, his relationship with the Apache Railway Line, and his business history with Renegy Holdings, Inc., Snowflake White Mountain Power, and Novo Power.

On September 24, both the author of the e-mail and I got identical letters from Bob Worsley’s attorney threatening to sue us for the information contained in the post. Initially, I had some fun with the attorney’s letter. Part of me would kind of like to see this whole matter blow up into a full-fledged lawsuit and get a lot of publicity for the charges and for this blog, and bring additional scrutiny to Mr. Worsley.

However, with further communications from the lawyer and others, both the author and I felt that there may indeed have been some inaccuracies in the post, and, in a spirit of reconciliation, I decided to take down the post and to edit the subsequent post to remove some of the allegations.

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One Response to Why would Bob Worsley spend over half a million $ to stay in the Arizona Senate?

  1. David A. Douthit says:

    Are you aware that the Republican control state legislature has managed to run up a roughly $60 billion in long term bond debt for Arizonans!! They did this by cutting taxes at the state level and “pushing” the taxing done to the local levels where they have issued bonds by way of “overrides” to simply voting for new taxes in council meetings.

    I have written a 500 word article detailing how this has been done! I consider the idea that the legislature is “cutting” taxes to stimulate economic growth to be an outrageous bald faced lie!!!!!

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