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Dr. Benjamin Carson reveals intolerance of Left

I listened to Dr. Benjamin Carson’s interview on the Mark Levin show Monday night. I love honesty and that’s why I loved this interview. I love it when the hypocrites, the phonies, the pretenders, are exposed. And there was a … Continue reading

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Adam Smith’s Chick-fil-A rant and the Family Research Council shooting – examples of intolerance from proponents of gay rights

When Adam Smith, CFO/Treasurer for Vante Vision Center in Tucson, decided to berate a Chick-fil-A employee over her company president’s stance for traditional marriage and to record it for YouTube, he did not realize the firestorm he would start or … Continue reading

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Problems for Newt

Yesterday on Fox News Sunday there were a couple of bombs lobbed at the Gingrich campaign. I hope thinking Republicans will take note. Gingrich may, in fact, in spite of his recognized brilliance as a debater, be the weakest possible … Continue reading

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