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Dr. Benjamin Carson reveals intolerance of Left

I listened to Dr. Benjamin Carson’s interview on the Mark Levin show Monday night. I love honesty and that’s why I loved this interview. I love it when the hypocrites, the phonies, the pretenders, are exposed. And there was a … Continue reading

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“Wipe Out Homophobia” – scary intolerance of religion

There is a group that is called “Wipe Out Homophobia” and they have a Facebook page. And they have over 400,000 likes. And they talk about love and tolerance. But think about the title of the group – it’s all … Continue reading

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Gay marriage advocates and their intolerance of religion

I saw a posting on Buzzfeed.com today that got my attention. There is a photograph of a sign at St. Francis Xavier church that says, “Two men are friends not spouses.” Next to the sign is a handwritten sign tacked … Continue reading

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Legalizing gay marriage will unleash a torrent of intolerance

Those pushing for legalizing same-sex marriage present it as a matter of tolerance and “civil rights.” That’s how President Obama explained his views. But it’s not about tolerance, it’s about intolerance. Let me explain. The Left has gotten away with … Continue reading

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Socially acceptable racism

Racism is the worst sin of the modern era. That is, unless it is black people hating white people. I was thinking about the firing of blogger Naomi Schaefer Riley for her critique the she wrote for The Chronicle of … Continue reading

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