“Wipe Out Homophobia” – scary intolerance of religion

There is a group that is called “Wipe Out Homophobia” and they have a Facebook page. And they have over 400,000 likes. And they talk about love and tolerance. But think about the title of the group – it’s all about intolerance.

Look them up. I don’t want to link to them. Look them up and think about it. Homophobia is a thought, an attitude, that these people will not tolerate. If you do not believe in gay marriage, for example, you are not entitled to your views – you need to be wiped out.

It’s time that people who are for traditional marriage realize the intolerance that is simmering with these gay rights activists, because the end goal is not to have gay marriage recognized – the end goal is to eliminate any speech or even thought that is in any way disapproving of the gay lifestyle. A while back I commented on a sign that St. Francis Xavier Church in Acushnet, Massachusetts had put up that said “Two men are friends, not spouses.” A “tolerant” gay rights activist taped a sign on the nearby fence saying “Spread LOVE, not hate.” But her intolerance was “outed” in a blog post explaining her sign. She wrote, “I will not tolerate this behavior in my community. . .” Many people, me included, saw no hate in the original church sign – it was merely an expression of an opinion about traditional definitions of words. But protests against the views of the church quickly turned violent, and the church ended up requesting police protection when someone called and threatened to burn the church down. Well, if you’re going to wipe out homophobia, you are going to do things like that, now, aren’t you? You see, gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, so gay rights people are up to the next step in “wiping out” what they call homophobia – burning churches and the like.

You can pick up all kinds of stories about this all over. There was a little news item in the New York Post last month “outing” more intolerance from the gay marriage movement in California. Boxer Manny Pacquiao was being interviewed and happened to express his opposition to gay marriage. Whereupon Rick Caruso, who owns a mall in LA, tweeted that Manny Pacquiao, because of his views, was not welcome at the mall. Well, the ban didn’t look good. Someone pointed out that actually a majority of California voters shared the same opinion, so the ban was retracted. But when they can get away with it, they will be back with all the fury of their intolerance.

And more people are recognizing the intolerance behind the push for changing the definition of marriage. I noticed a blog for the Speak Up Movement, a movement to defend religious liberty. They had a post recently about the intolerance of pro-gay-marriage advocates. People are waking up to this.

Yes, you need to understand where this is going. If gay marriage is legalized all across this country, it will get uglier and uglier.

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By Dr. David Hall. Dr. Hall runs Infinity Dental Web, a small company that does Internet marketing for dentists. He has had a long-standing interest in politics and as a college student toyed with the idea of a political career.
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One Response to “Wipe Out Homophobia” – scary intolerance of religion

  1. sam says:

    You are not seeing the issue! You are judging the cause based on the actions of a MINORITY of the supporters. Most polls show that at least 40% of Americans are in favor of not denying gays the right to marry. Some polls are as high as 52%. My point is, there are 100s of millions of Americans that believe there is a current injustice but you choose to dwell on the minority that are intolerant. I agree with you 100% on the intolerance of these pro-gay-marriage advocates but it is foolish to think this represents the overall picture. It is absolutely ridiculous and illogical to debate the quality of a piece of legislation based off of the actions of a few of it’s supporters. Every political movement has it’s share of whack jobs that we don’t appreciate standing as representatives for our cause. That’s why we, as voters, need to be smart enough to see through this and examine the issue.
    The issue, that you neglect to mention, is that the government refuses to allow gays to marry even though they cannot offer any reasons on how this would have any affect on anybody else. Now, here is where you get going with your scare tactics saying that if we abolish the ban they will burn down our houses, but that’s just not realistic Dave.
    *Dave, if this post does not meet your mysterious criteria for being published on your blog, I’d like an explanation so I can do better next time.

    Reply by David Hall:

    What on earth does this majority or minority issue have to do with the intolerance? Of course even among the radicals it is only a small minority who would get violent. If this church had been burnt down, what does it matter that it was only a minority of the people who would do that? It just takes one. But the radical gay rights activists are, almost by definition, intolerant. This is not a “live and let live” movement – it’s an “in your face, wipe you out” movement.

    And hundreds of millions of Americans believing this is an injustice? Really? You are seriously exaggerating here. And interesting that people respond one way in polls but every time this goes up for a vote, traditional marriage wins, and it usually wins big.

    And I have to correct you. The government does not refuse to allow gays to marry. I know this is going to drive you crazy, which is one reason I say it. I looked at a marriage application here in Arizona – nowhere does it ask for sexual orientation. We are not talking about anyone being denied being able to marry. We are talking about preserving the definition of marriage that it is between a man and a woman, you have a bride and a groom, a husband and a wife. Gay activists, who tend to be very intolerant, don’t want a word in our language that establishes a difference between heterosexual relationships and homosexual relationships. And Massachusetts is a great example of where they want to take us. First, change the definition of marriage. Then wipe out all dissenting voices. And a minority of them will get violent in pursuing this.

    And don’t give me any of this entitlement mentality about feeling I have some duty to publish your post. I will publish what I feel contributes constructively to the discussion. I am highly unlikely, just to give you advance notice, to publish your rejoinder, if you submit one, unless you send something really intelligent, compelling, different – something that I feel makes a valuable contribution to the discussion. A pithy comment might stand a chance. And I don’t feel like I owe anyone an explanation as to why. I don’t go for these unending discussions.

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    Comment from Craig:
    This is in-regards to your Homophobia post and conversation with Sam…

    I have noticed you never answer one basic question that he is asking. It is a question I have also asked with no answer from you. I will try to form my question in a scenario, maybe that will be easier for you to understand and answer.

    Here it is:

    You are talking to a gay fireman and his librarian boyfriend, they are not going to burn your house or church down or take away your speech (in fact if the few idiots did try to burn them down, the gay fireman would put out the fire for you). Now tell me what you say to them about why they shouldn’t be able to marry each other? If your answer is religious in context, explain to me the beliefs of our National Religion that I didn’t know we had..
    – Craig

    Response from David Hall:
    Craig, you make this sound so difficult when it is so simple. I would simply tell this gay couple that the definition of marriage is that it is between a man and a woman. And I might add, “You live your life the way you want to live it, and I’ll leave you alone. I hold onto my traditional beliefs about marriage and family, and you leave me alone. Is it a deal?”

    And I would ask both you and Sam why you dodge the thrust of my post – what it is about “Wipe out Homophobia” that you don’t understand? You don’t deal with it because you don’t want to. But that is the mindset of these gay rights activists. They will not leave me alone or anyone else with traditional beliefs about marriage and family.

    And here is a point I brought up in an earlier post. The family is the foundation of society, and marriage is the beginning of a family. If you start monkeying with these foundational principles, I don’t think there is a mortal who can, just with the use of brain power, figure out what the long-term consequences will be a couple of generations down the road. Society gets so puffed up in what it thinks it knows and then reality comes into the picture and changes everything.

    Look at the welfare state. Oh, it sounded so good to some people – we’ll tax people who have a little more and provide benefits to people who have a little less. What harm could that be? Well, after a generation or two, you have damaged the work ethic by creating an underclass of moochers and depressed the incentives of the producers. The moochers learn that if they are the majority, they can take what they want and just “tax the rich,” thus driving the government into uncontrollable debt and threatening the collapse of Europe. Or, in the United States, you provide child support for distressed single mothers. Sounds very compassionate. Aid to Families with Dependent Children. Well now we have a war zone in some inner cities where we have hordes of children with no father in the home which is now proven to be a recipe for poverty, gangs and violence. Oh, the social engineers are so smart, aren’t they? Be very, very careful with traditions and ethics. If something has worked for two hundred generations, don’t be too quick to change it.

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