Where is the outrage over legislating from the Oval Office?

It’s scary, the lawlessness that the Obama regime seems to get away with.

I hear a lot of commenting about Obama’s recent decision to grant work permits to the children of illegal immigrants. But the protests against this brazen abuse of power are way too timid. I listened to Special Report on Fox News on Friday. Conservative panelist Steve Hayes did protest, but in such mild language it was incredible to me. He said, “I think there are some merits to doing something like this in sort of the big picture on a policy level. The question really is process.“Really? Process? Shredding our Constitution is now just called a question of process?”

Charles Krauthammer showed more spine. Asked about the executive order he said, “Beyond the pandering, beyond the politics, beyond the process, is simple constitutional decency. This is out and out lawlessness.”

Yes, Charles, it is. Thank you.

It’s particularly blatant because Obama recently tried to get this through Congress and failed. And then he commented at the time that he was sorry, that’s all he could do about the issue because he was constrained by the rules. But then it apparently occurred to him that he could walk over the rules and get away with it, so he did.

It’s scary, how little outrage there is over this. How thin the wall is separating us from tyranny! If there is indeed a wall at all.

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