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Even Fox doesn’t have the Ben Carson story right yet

This whole Politico hit piece on Ben Carson, claiming that he fabricated parts of the story about an offer of a West Point scholarship, is a great illustration of the corruption of the media in this country. After publishing a … Continue reading

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Brit Hume of Fox News – fair, balanced, and afraid

It was two weeks ago when Brit Hume, senior political analyst at Fox News, had a most interesting, and to me amazing commentary. He was talking about voter ID laws and bemoaning the inability of the Republicans and Democrats to … Continue reading

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A really bad case of impeach-o-phobia, and this ridiculous lawsuit

It was really curious to see Brit Hume worked up into a lather about impeachment on last night’s Special Report on Fox. The usually mild-mannered Brit had some uncharacteristically harsh words for those who would like to impeach Pres. Obama: … Continue reading

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Did Bowe Bergdahl really convert to Islam?

We have the story that broke yesterday, from James Rosen of Fox News, that Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam in captivity, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “mujahid,” or warrior for Islam. Why, then, was he kept … Continue reading

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What we’ve learned about Gov. Christie in Bridgegate

I heard the commentaries after Governor Christie held his marathon press conference on Thursday. George Will, who was on the Special Report All Star Panel that evening, praised him for doing everything right. “He came out and used honest, thumping … Continue reading

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Obama’s lying isn’t as troubling as the people who prop him up

It is clear that Obamacare was designed to supplant private health insurance with government exchanges, Medicaid-like government paid health care, and government approved insurance. But Obama couldn’t say that and get the law passed – he had to lie and … Continue reading

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Budget, or debt ceiling – where is it better for Republicans to draw the line?

This past week, Charles Krauthammer, who is pro-Republican and is on the Fox News Special Report panel, has been arguing that Republicans should not be trying to defund Obamacare by drawing a red line on the budget but by making … Continue reading

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Media conservatives simply don’t get it on Obamacare defunding

Friday was a low point in what Fox News calls its “All Star Panel” on Special Report, as they discussed the House vote on funding all of the government except Obamacare. The Inside the Beltway crowd simply doesn’t have any … Continue reading

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Boehner continues to obstruct Benghazi investigation, and others condone his pretense

I was not a little stunned tonight when the Fox News Special Report All Star Panel talked about the Benghazi investigation by House Republicans. Bret Baier, first read a statement from John Boehner, with all of the Speaker’s characteristic bluster, … Continue reading

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Snowden a Patriot?

I just saw, on the Fox News Radio website, the results of a poll taken by Reuters that shows that more Americans see the security leaker Edward Snowden as a patriot than a traitor. And I must say that, while … Continue reading

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What’s the big deal about Kermit Gosnell?

I heard it yesterday on Fox on “The Five” and the night before on Special Report’s All Star Panel – these panels wrestling with the question about why the establishment media isn’t covering Kermit Gosnell’s mass murder trial. But the … Continue reading

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Intolerance in modern-day liberalism – this is what the same sex marriage issue is about

There is a scary part of this debate over same-sex marriage that few people are talking about, and it was illustrated on last night’s panel discussion on Fox News Special Report. I respect Kirsten Powers as an honest, blue-blooded Liberal, … Continue reading

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