Even Fox doesn’t have the Ben Carson story right yet

This whole Politico hit piece on Ben Carson, claiming that he fabricated parts of the story about an offer of a West Point scholarship, is a great illustration of the corruption of the media in this country. After publishing a blatant lie about Ben Carson yesterday, Politico has backed off somewhat to a lie that they must feel is close enough to the truth that they can get away with it.

And this morning I watched a segment on Fox and Friends, and they don’t have it right, either.

Last night, Ben Carson was interviewed on the Mark Levin radio show and set the record straight. The incident, as told in his book, was completely correct.

After a moderate sanitizing of their initial blatant lie, the Politico piece still claims that Carson has changed his story, which he hasn’t. He never claimed to have applied to West Point. In fact, you don’t “apply” to West Point—you are appointed through a Member of Congress acting as liaison. And yes, West Point does provide scholarships. Not everyone uses that word, “scholarship,” but West Point, in promotional materials published around the time frame of this incident, did use it. It’s a fully paid college education. And I think it is fair to claim that a statement by Army General William Westmoreland that Carson could easily obtain such an appointment is an offer.

There is a great clarification of the entire story on The Federalist. Check it out.

Last night on Fox News Special Report, this was their lead story. Howard Kurtz, who did the reporting on the story, still was confused and was buying the Politico revised line that Carson had claimed to have applied to West Point. But by the time Special Report got to their All-Star Panel, they straightened it out somewhat. But this morning on Fox and Friends, co-host Anna Kooiman, still didn’t have that part right and was admonishing Carson that he should have been more accurate in his autobiography.

To underscore the corrupt mindset of this rag, Politico, think on this: What are they accusing Ben Carson of? Dishonesty. But it is Politico that is being dishonest here. And even if their implied charges were true (which they are not), they are not denying the thrust of Ben Carson’s story, that he was an outstanding ROTC cadet who was qualified to receive an all-expense-paid appointment to West Point. But the thrust of their story, that Ben Carson lied, is an attempt at the worst kind of reputation-destroying lie in itself.

And this morning, when you Google Ben Carson, the Politico story is the number one result. Oh, the media in this country. It’s a thick web of corruption.

Do you agree? Disagree? I welcome your comments.

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  1. Agreed. Trusting 90% of video news is not a good idea.

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