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My Thoughts on the Gay Marriage Ruling

Friday morning, after the announcement that the Supreme Court has now declared same-sex marriage to be a new constitutional right, LDS Living posted the LDS Church’s response to the ruling. What was interesting were the comments posted by readers. Some … Continue reading

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Washington is perfecting the art of ruling us against our wills

The arguments being presented before the Supreme Court on Obamacare are revealing what a mess this law has made of our healthcare system. And it’s due in large part to the manner in which is was rammed through. Last night, … Continue reading

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Intolerance in modern-day liberalism – this is what the same sex marriage issue is about

There is a scary part of this debate over same-sex marriage that few people are talking about, and it was illustrated on last night’s panel discussion on Fox News Special Report. I respect Kirsten Powers as an honest, blue-blooded Liberal, … Continue reading

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On John Boehner and spiking the football

I sincerely hope that we get some momentum going with the new Republican freshman class in the House of Representatives to get us a new Speaker. We deserve better than John Boehner. His statement this week that, if Obamacare is … Continue reading

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