Did Bowe Bergdahl really convert to Islam?

We have the story that broke yesterday, from James Rosen of Fox News, that Bowe Bergdahl converted to Islam in captivity, fraternized openly with his captors and declared himself a “mujahid,” or warrior for Islam.

Why, then, was he kept locked up by the Taliban earlier in his captivity? Why did he try to escape several times? There are several possible explanations.

The one that seems the most plausible to me is one that I haven’t heard mentioned by anyone, and that is that it took quite a while for him to gain the trust of his captors.

For two days now I have heard Charles Krauthammer on the Fox News Special Report panel make excuses for Bergdahl, saying that his attempts to escape show that he wasn’t a traitor, and wondering if his later fraternizing with his captors was a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome. With these theories, he is ignoring Bowe Bergdahl’s statements, before he deserted, indicating sympathy for the Taliban. He specifically left to seek them out, and had told his parents that he was ashamed to be an American.

So his sympathy for the enemy is established. The question we have to answer, then, is why he was locked up after they found him. Of course, we don’t know, but the most plausible explanation seems to be simply that they didn’t believe him.

Hopefully at some point we will get this whole story.

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