We need more skepticism about Trump from conservatives

Mark Levin, in his summary of tonight’s radio show, has this posted on his website:

Donald Trump needs to cut out using the Saul Alinsky tactics of the left and focus on substantive issues.

I really like Mark Levin, but here is where I part from him. Mark Levin criticized Trump a month ago when he started attacking Cruz. Then Trump made nice with Cruz in the CNN debate on December 15th, and Mark was back to defending him. Now Mark is talking like all Trump has to do is switch campaign tactics. And, from what I hear, Rush Limbaugh is saying something similar, that the tactics will backfire on Trump. In other words, just switch tactics, Donald, and you’ll be okay.

I say, let him alone and let them backfire if they will. And both Rush and Mark need a stronger dose of skepticism about Trump.

I think the tactics reveal the man. Trump is showing that what he wants most is to be President.

Mark Levin made an interesting statement last week. He talked about Trump’s old positions of being pro-choice, tolerant of partial birth abortion, in favor of government-run health care, etc. He then said that he believes that Trump is truly against those things, because that is what he is preaching now. That if he really believed Trump believed what he used to say five years ago, that he would oppose him.


So for Barack Obama, we go back to his upbringing and his statements before he was running for office to show his true beliefs. But Donald Trump, we give him a pass.

Not me.

I’m not saying necessarily that Trump is faking it now. I’m saying that I don’t know. I do know that he really wants to be President. That’s what he’s showing by his attacks on Cruz. I do think that the conservative commentators—Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Phyllis Schlafly, and others, are playing it very risky by giving Trump a pass on this.

He clearly seems to understand the pulse of the electorate. He knows why people are frustrated, and he knows how to tap into that. I’ll give him that. And I’d far prefer him over the big-government Republicans who don’t know how to stand up to the establishment. But we have some great, moral leaders in this race—Cruz and Carson—who to me have proved their integrity under fire.

Here’s how I view Trump. He made a lot of money in the casino business, which is a fundamentally immoral business. Making cars or selling office supplies or almost any other business, you have a win-win relationship with your customers. In the casino business you have an adversarial relationship with your customers, and there is no way you can be honest with them and make it. You advertise to them about winning, but you really need them to come into your casino and lose, or you’ll go broke. So how we can have this naive trust that this man is now telling the truth about what he really believes? I don’t buy it.

No, let’s not be coaching Trump on the tactics we think he should use to win. Instead, let’s stand back, let him be who he is, and make judgment from that of what kind of man we think he is.

Do you agree? Disagree? I welcome your comments.

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