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A really bad case of impeach-o-phobia, and this ridiculous lawsuit

It was really curious to see Brit Hume worked up into a lather about impeachment on last night’s Special Report on Fox. The usually mild-mannered Brit had some uncharacteristically harsh words for those who would like to impeach Pres. Obama: … Continue reading

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Obama’s lying isn’t as troubling as the people who prop him up

It is clear that Obamacare was designed to supplant private health insurance with government exchanges, Medicaid-like government paid health care, and government approved insurance. But Obama couldn’t say that and get the law passed – he had to lie and … Continue reading

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Utter nonsense from “conservatives” on supporting Obama

I just read a piece from The Weekly Standard where Bill Kristol is quoting James Ceaser, whom he dubs “one of American conservatism’s leading thinkers.” He’s lecturing us on the importance of supporting the president. The reasoning, to me, is … Continue reading

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Voter ID Laws – Get off this idea of discussing if they’re racist or not

Why is it in these national discussions that conservatives tend to argue defensively? That’s what is happening with the discussion about these voter ID laws in North Carolina and now in Texas. Even Mark Levin, who tends not to accept … Continue reading

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Bias doesn’t even begin to describe this. It’s abject corruption of the media.

I watch how the establishment media treat this unfolding of the story of the meltdown of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East, and I remain in a state of shock. I have wanted to write about this for days, … Continue reading

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Let Obama Do His End Zone Dance

Yes, I like it that Barack Obama is talking so much about killing Osama Bin Laden, and I hope he keeps doing it. As one who wishes fervently for Obama’s defeat in November, I hope he runs campaign ads about … Continue reading

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Juan Williams winks at the corruption

Can there be any doubt that Obama’s proposed executive order, “Disclosure of Political Spending by Government Contractors” is simply a fund-raising tool? Of course not. And thus, the discussion of the issue gives us an insight into the souls of those … Continue reading

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The Intolerance of the Left Illustrated by NPR

Conservatives live in frustration trying to deal with the dissembling of the Left. And one of those aggravating pretenses with which they deceive so many people is that they are tolerant and broad-minded.  Often it seems that they deceive even … Continue reading

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NPR Isn’t Just Biased – It’s Corrupt

It’s been a gradual process, the deterioration of NPR as an ethical news source. I began listening to NPR in the mornings to get my news when I got fed up with ABC Radio News’ obsession with OJ Simpson in 1994. … Continue reading

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