Voter ID Laws – Get off this idea of discussing if they’re racist or not

Why is it in these national discussions that conservatives tend to argue defensively? That’s what is happening with the discussion about these voter ID laws in North Carolina and now in Texas. Even Mark Levin, who tends not to accept the terms of engagement set by the Left, when he discussed Eric Holder’s attack on Texas the other day, was defensive. He read off a list of all the activities that require a photo ID, and it was impressive. But the discussion shouldn’t be about racism but about voter integrity.

That’s why I was heartened in a recent Special Report all-star panel discussion that addressed this issue. The panel included Juan Williams and Charles Krauthammer. When asked his opinion, Juan Williams launched into his voter suppression arguments. “This really is an effort to suppress the vote,” he said. “I don’t know how you get away from that.”

Well, that brought an eye roll from fellow panelist Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal. That was a little encouraging. But Riley’s response was still defensive – voter IDs don’t suppress the vote, he said.

What conservatives need to do is put the Left on defensive here. Why is it that THEY are for people voting multiple times? Why do they want illegal aliens to vote? Every mention they make of voter suppression should be laughed at. The Democrat definition of voter suppression is that it is an attempt to keep Democrats from voting only once. They believe in voter affirmative action – since African Americans, in the early nineteenth century, couldn’t vote at all, they feel that to make up for it, they should be allowed to vote now even if they are dead.

So I was glad to see what happened when Juan Williams brought up his other favorite line about how voter fraud doesn’t exist. The thought that came to me when he started with that was that he should be laughed off the panel. And Charles Krauthammer did me proud in his response. Here’s how it went:

WILLIAMS: “Let me just suggest that there is no evidence of any such thing (voter fraud) going on.”

Shannon Bream, the moderator, questioned him on this point, and mentioned some evidence that it does indeed happen. So he went on.

WILLIAMS: “It happens – oh no, everything happens. People fall off buildings. People — you know — fall off bridges. What I’m saying as a matter of influencing or changing an election outcome, when was the last time we heard about that?”

KRAUTHAMMER: “You think that somebody casting a ballot fraudulently is as infrequent as somebody falling off a bridge?”

WILLIAMS: “Correct.”

KRAUTHAMMER: “I think you have fallen off a bridge.”

In my mind, I was cheering. “Finally,” I thought, “we’re getting off this pretense and getting to the meat of the matter.”

And further on, Charles Krauthammer added: “If you believe that our elections are clean, you believe that baseball is clean.”

Bravo for Charles Krauthammer.

We need to get less timid in these arguments. We need to stop arguing “pretend” arguments. Everyone knows that there is voter fraud, and people who deny it deserve to be mocked. Just like with the immigration reform debate. We all know that the Democrats want more illegal immigrants because they know they will vote Democrat.

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