No, Colin Powell is not that stupid

We’ve heard Colin Powell’s remarks about the voter ID laws in North Carolina and Texas. They’re going to make it more difficult for minorities to vote, he says.

Mark Levin devoted a large segment of his show yesterday to responding to Colin, arguing how showing an ID isn’t racist, and implying that the general isn’t all that bright.

I give the opposition to voter ID laws more credit than that. They know exactly what they are doing, and they are very bright.

Throughout recent history, voter fraud has been an excellent tool for getting Democrats elected. From President Kennedy, right up to the last election. And I wish we would speak to these opponents of voter ID laws with more respect. They aren’t stupid. They’re corrupt.

This is what gets us conservatives worked up into such a lather. “How can you be so stupid as not to see that having to show an ID is no big deal?” The answer – they aren’t that stupid. Conservatives – get off this racism argument and get to the real meat of the issue. Don’t talk about whether it is racist or not to show a photo ID. Any lame brain can see that. You’ll drive yourself crazy arguing the point. It will be good for your mental health and educational for the listening public to deal with the real issue – are you pro-voter fraud or anti-voter fraud?

Colin Powell is pretending here to be sort of Republican, as he as at times been – a big tent, big government, pro-Marxist Republican. And he is pretending to advise us as friends. He knows that he is feeding us a bunch of malarky. Why does he do it? I will answer your question with a question, and that is, Why do you even need to ask? He has a constitutency that he is playing to. He wants them to like him. He wants to look like a hero in their eyes. Taking positions like this gets him a lot of attention. The establishment media love Republicans who criticize their own, so when he poses as a Republican and adopts this central tenet of big-boss corrupt Democrat politics, it gets him air time and attention, which gets him speaking gigs. It’s all so simple when you understand the issue.


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