Get rid of John Boehner

As I have watched John Boehner in action since he became speaker a little over two years ago now, at first I thought of him as a wimp. But that doesn’t begin to explain all his behaviors. He’s a man quick on the trigger to go after people like Michele Bachmann and Steve King – strong conservatives who threaten the status quo. Things he does out of the spotlight, when he can get away with it, all lead us to bigger government. For example, a few months ago he announced severe party discipline would be invoked against any Republicans voting against the Violence Against Women Act, a big power-grab that nationalized domestic violence crimes, something the Supreme Court had earlier declared unconstitutional, but something that was able to slip under the radar of most news outlets.

And there are many similar examples of his big-government leanings. Don’t get me started on his immigration reform push, lest steam start coming out of my ears. Out of mine and those of many of us out here in fly-over country, those of us who make up the “country class.” And while he’ll stand up readily to Tea Party types, he blocks a serious investigation of the Benghazi scandal. Something smells very rotten there in the Speaker’s office.

So what do we do?

I had an idea a while ago and the more I think about it, the more I like it. And then I heard Mark Levin say he thought this might be a good idea. Support the Democrat in his district when he comes up for re-election. And then announce that we plan to do the same for any moderate or liberal successor – anyone who could be classified as an Establishment or Ruling Class Republican. I would include Paul Ryan in that group. He and the others in the Republican establishment have no clue how much those of us out here are disgusted with the whole bunch of them.

The Tea Party organizations could push this, announce the endorsement, run ads, get volunteers, and help rally the base. Yes, we would sacrifice one House seat, but the victory gained would be well worth it – kind of like the sacrifice fly in the 9th inning that brings home the winning run. The following election, a conservatively run House would be much stronger and pick up far more seats than the one that would be lost. And we would just be targeting the Speaker. That’s the one who matters. Let the Senate do what it will – sacrificing a Senate seat is too high a price to get the leadership we want there. But in the House, this would really work.

Think about it. It’s an idea whose time has come.

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