Being a Rodeo Clown in today’s developing police state

The Left is on the march, and we conservatives know how they feel about free speech, even though they don’t admit it. So the time-honored tradition of dressing up rodeo clowns as presidents, going back at least to Richard Nixon and including every president since, goes onto the list of banned free speech.

The story is that a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair last Saturday wore a Barack Obama mask. The announcer introduced him as special guest, “President Obama,” and said “We’re going to stomp Obama now.” On Monday, the Missouri State Fair Commission banned the clown from ever performing at the Missouri State Fair again.

Clearly, we have a developing police state in this country. Every detail of our lives can now be monitored by the government, and if we disagree with the government, we can be harassed by the IRS or have permits denied or who knows what. In the case of the Muslim video maker, we can even be thrown into prison to try to appease Muslim radicals. So, if you’re a rodeo clown, this has to put a chill in the air – be careful who you mock. I’ll give you some guidelines:

Yes, you can mock: Christians, Republicans, Tea Party members, police who act stupidly, Sheriff Joe Arpaiao, probably disgraced sports figures (as long as they aren’t prominent liberals), and Jews who believe in the survival of Israel.

Do not mock: Liberals, especially if they are African-Americans or part African-American, Mohammed (this is at the top of the list), current Democrat political leaders including especially the president, undocumented immigrants, or members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The government may come after you.

There’s a good start to help you keep your job.

My wife is sitting beside me and saying to me: “You watch it! You will be next.”

I’ve thought a lot about this rodeo clown. Everyone seems to be portraying it as race-baiting gone amuck. But it is more serious that that. It’s a serious attack on free speech. And unlike attacks that the Left decries, these attacks are coming from government entities with power over us. And I’m calling it a “developing police state.” Late night comics can still get away with mocking the President. How long do you think that will last?

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